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TICKS have become a problem for most homeowners whose property abuts fields or woods. Of greatest concern are deer ticks which commonly carry Lyme disease. Both dogs and humans are susceptible to the Lyme disease bacteria.

What are my chances of having a tick attach to my skin?
If you spend time outdoors in a rural area, you have a very good chance to “pick up” a tick.

Will I know if a tick gets on me?
Not necessarily. A tick will attach, and will grow as it feeds on your blood. If it is not in a spot that you commonly touch or see in the mirror (like the small of the back), it can attach, feed and detach without your knowledge. Nymphal ticks, the smallest and therefore most likely ticks to go undetected, stay attached for 24-72 hours in general. Lyme transmission generally requires 36 or more hours of tick attachment.

Do repellants work to keep ticks away?
Yes, they do. The same limitations apply as when you use repellants to keep mosquitos away, however. Thoroughness of repellant application, frequency of reapplying the repellant, and the percentage of Deet in the repellant all affect how well it works.

Will Frontline and other anti-flea treatments help keep ticks off my dog?
These products do not keep ticks from embedding in your dog. According to their label, however, they should kill a tick before it has been on your dog long enough to transmit the Lyme pathogen.

Can ticks be controlled through pesticide application?
By applying a granular and spray combination of Bifenthrin in the spring, we have had good success in drastically reducing the tick population in residential yards. It is not possible to treat an extensive wooded area, or a field of deep grass, but for a lawn surrounded by field or woods we have received excellent feedback from customers, indicating it is very effective.

What’s the cost?
The cost will vary depending on yard size, of course. The minimum charge is $200, and the average tick application is $300 for a residential yard.

How many applications are needed per year?
One application has been sufficient for most customers. A small percentage of customers have required a second treatment in the late summer.