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CARPENTER ANTS generate more calls than any other single pest. They can do significant damage to a structure, often without being noticed inside. Some commonly asked questions:

How can I tell if I have carpenter ant problems?
Generally the sighting of carpenter ants inside a structure with any regularity is an indication of a nest within the structure. If you see carpenter ants on your deck, siding, or foundation on a regular basis, that is also an indication they may be nesting in the structure. You may also see “frass”, a material that looks like sawdust. This is the byproduct of the ants’ nesting activities.

How do I know they are carpenter ants?
Carpenter ant workers are generally black, sometimes with a red midsection (thorax). They vary in size, from as small as 1/4” to as long as 1”.

You may see large, black ants with wings that are over an inch in length. These are the carpenter ant reproductive females, an indication of a mature nest within the home.

Rule of thumb-you are almost certainly dealing with carpenter ants if there are any ants larger than 1/4", or if the ants vary in size.

Where would they be nesting?
They will usually begin nesting in an area where wood is damp. This can be behind a trim board, under a door, or in a sill. They will even nest up high if the conditions are right.

How can they be eliminated?
Baits are helpful in treating, and residual pesticides applied around the perimeter of the home may eventually yield success, but usually they won’t eliminate a carpenter ant problem. The only sure method of eliminating them is to actually locate the nest and destroy it with an appropriate pesticide, usually a dust.

How expensive is this service?
Our full carpenter ant treatments range from $325 to $475 for single family homes, depending on size of home. Exterior and interior treatment is included in the price. Treatments come with a guarantee that we will come back at no charge if the carpenter ants persist. The guarantee runs from the date of service until April 1st of the following year.

  Clockwise: Reproductive female, reproductive male, various sized workers